Heartshine Homestead

Our hearts shine through in all that we do!

Heartshine Homestead nurtures vegetable and herb plant starts and produce for sale to the local community. We grow our plants in a beyond-organic fashion. We are guided by permaculture philosophies and techniques, avoid the use of manufactured herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, emphasize soil-health-focused regenerative methods, and practice no-till gardening. We are off-grid, minimize our use of fossil fuels, and strive to use plastics only when necessary. We pride ourselves in reusing, repurposing, reclaiming, and recycling at every juncture possible. We believe in equal access to nutrition so we routinely donate a portion of our produce and proceeds to our local food banks. Every single task we undertake is imbued with the utmost love and care for people and for the planet. You’ll taste the Heartshine in all of our products!